Technology Introduction

Research on excellent raw material selection technology

ㆍThe technology to select the raw materials with safety as the top priority by deducing and selecting biomaterials harmless to human body based on expertise in raw materials

ㆍThe technology to select raw materials with high purity, non-animal originality, biodegradability and biocompatibility

Research on tissue regeneration technology

ㆍThe technology to hybridize raw materials proven scientifically and medially for regeneration of tissue

ㆍThe technology to maximize the characteristics of ingredients carefully selected from PDRN, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, nucleic acids and coenzyme

Study of crosslinking technique of filler

ㆍUse Hexagon Patterning Crosslinking Technology with excellent raw material usage

ㆍBy selecting and cross-linking the scientifically selected cross-linking points of the raw materials, HPCT enables the filler to have hexagonal micro structure and to imitate the natural and very stable monophasic structure.

Research on skin elasticity maintenance of filler

ㆍThe filler based on Reanzen’s HPCT has regular hexagonal structure, maintaining the stable hydrogel phase and providing natural volume-up effect.

ㆍ This effect is expected to improve skin wrinkle and volume improvement while giving skin elasticity for a long time after treatment