Fields of Research

Improve the Quality of Human life

Based on understanding and expertise of raw materials, Reanzen’s R&D Center is conducting research and development of medical devices, cosmetics and cosmeceutical products for application to many fields.


Medical Device



Medical Device R&D

Crosslinking Reaction R&D for the Extreme Safety
R&D to completely remove the side effects of HA filler, a polysaccharide that forms ECM (ExtraCellular Matrix) in human tissues by using the chemical crosslinking reaction that is proven to be safe and harmless to human body
R&D to implement the filler that is harmless to the human body by using the irradiation crosslinking reaction and excluding the chemical crosslinking reaction
Hibridization Filler R&D
R&D of filler that maximizes the advantages of raw materials by hybridizing them with HA filler, using the inherent characteristics of the biocompatible materials
PDRN Filler R&D for Tissue Regeneration
R&D of PDRN filler using PDRN (PolyDeoxy Ribo Nucleotide) having the effect of tissue regeneration activation as the main material
R&D of filler with excellent anti-aging effect, such as cell regeneration, normalization of skin structure and improvement of skin elasticity, as well as the true functions of filler, such as improvement of wrinkles and skin volume
PDRN Raw Material R&D
R&D of raw material of PDRN, the biomaterial extracted from fish sperm and testicle and having the tissue regeneration activation and anti-inflammatory effects

Cosmetics R&D

PDRN Cosmetics R&D for Skin Tissue Regeneration
- R&D of cosmetics with PDRN (PolyDoexy Ribo Nucleotide) having the effect of tissue regeneration activation as the main material.
- R&D of anti-aging cosmetics having effect of skin regeneration, normalization of skin structure and improvement of skin elasticity by using PDRN which has excellent effect of cell proliferation, would healing and regeneration of tissue, and causing no side effect inside the body
- R&D of cosmetics imitating the filler effect by using the raw material of PDRN filler
HA Hybidized PDRN Cosmetics
- R&D of cosmetics having the effect of skin regeneration, skin moisturizing and skin volume improvement, by hybridizing PDRN and HA, the filler-based biocompatible raw materials
- R&D of safe and eco-friendly cosmetics by using PDRN and HA, which are stable and harmless to human body
- R&D of various products based on PDRN and HA

Medical Cosmetics R&D

R&D of specialized therapeutic cosmetics for professional treatment by adopting the biotechnology
R&D to maximize the characteristics of ingredients carefully selected from skin hydrating materials, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, nucleic acids and coenzyme.
R&D to select safe raw material with high purity, non-animal originality, biodegradability and biocompatibility by using components that have been proven scientifically and medically
R&D of skin regeneration products optimized for skin tissue
R&D of professional therapeutic cosmetics that deliver deep into the skin the activating components having the effects of skin moisturizing, skin activation, improvement of skin elasticity, improvement of skin tone, skin radiance, skin tissue regeneration, skin volume improvement and wrinkle improvement