R&D Center

Reanzen for Better Life

Reanzen’s R&D Center is pursuing better life of human kind by realizing medical recovery, bio recovery and beauty recovery.


Since its foundation in 2016, Reanzen’s R&D Center has been conducting research of bio products,
one of the main industries of Korea, based on the bio technology.

Improve the Quality of Human life

Reanzen is a global bioscience company that provides beautiful life to customers by using specialized research and original technology.

World Leading
Bio Technology

Customer trust,
corporate responsibility,
creativity and passion,
challenge for the future

in R&D

products R&D

Original technology
Quality competitiveness

The Leading Technology in Filler R&D

R&D based on the know-how of the founder who has been engaged in the filler industry for many years

R&D based on biotechnology

R&D aiming at the best technology to be the world-leader of biotechnology, with the goal of entering the markets of advanced countries, such as USA and EU

R&D with the Safe and Biocompatible Ingredient

Technology to select raw material that can be in perfect balance with the human body based on understanding and expertise of raw materials

Adherence to R&D only in the field of cosmetic surgery

Adherence to biomaterial components that have been proven scientifically and medically

Fully Safety Focusing R&D

R&D of the product with the maximum safety for use in the human body

R&D to verify safety and effectiveness through cell experiments, animal experiments, toxicity evaluation and clinical tests

R&D with safety and effectiveness as the top priority at all stages from R&D to commercialization