Functional cosmetics


Improvement of wrinkle Improvement of elasticity Improvement of skin tone

We are developing functional cosmetics that are more effective than conventional cosmetics by applying medical device development technology to cosmetics. Through this, we have developed cosmetics that are effective not only for cosmetic effects but also for skin wrinkles, increase elasticity, whitening, etc. To ensure competitiveness of products.

Features of hyaluronic acid cosmetic ingredients

Hyaluronic acid is a kind of complex polysaccharide composed of amino acid and uronic acid. Because hyaluronic acid is a substance that exists in the body, it is safe for skin.

As hydraulic acid is the main substance of filler which is the face-lifting material, it is a medically proven substance.

Effective in skin moisturizing

Cosmetic ingredients with excellent moisturizing effect

  • Radiant skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Skin moisturizing
  • Elastic skin

PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide)


PDRN action mechanism

PDRN acts selectively on the purine receptor, promoting VEGG and inducing vascularization.

A safe substance that does not exhibit foreign bodies

Stable to heat

Restores skin damaged by ultraviolet and skin irritation

Increase skin elasticity of epidermal and dermal layers

Biomaterials prepared by cutting DNA to a certain standard

Features of PDRN cosmetic raw materials


Low molecular weight DNA polymer of average 350kDa extracted from semen and testes of fish (salmon) Substances that promote the proliferation of fibroblasts

Effective for anti-inflammatory and tissue regeneration activation, and excellent for cell proliferation, wound healing and tissue regeneration

Effective for skin regeneration, burn / cut treatment, scar treatment, wrinkle improvement, etc.

Because PDRN is a substance that exists in the body, it has few side effects and is absorbed quickly.

Excellent cosmetic raw material with excellent anti-aging effect, such as skin generation, normalization of skin structure and improvement of elasticity

Expected Effect

  • Exfoliation
  • Increase of fineness and elasticity of skin
  • Purification of skin tone
  • Pore minimization
  • Balancing of moisture
  • Improvement of fine lines
  • Reduction of sebum

EVC·HX-01B (Special vitamin C powder)

Pure vitamin C that can be recognized by skin

L-ascorbic acid passes through epidermal layer and reaches the dermal layer without losing its effect.

EVC is the ideal vitamin C powder that maintains strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect of vitamin C for the longest time.

Advantages of EVC

  • Excellent safety / stability (EVC delivers vitamin C exactly to skin.)
  • Superior absorption (EVC passes through the epidermal layer and reaches the dermal layer.)
  • Strong anti-oxidant effect (EVC prevents deterioration of skin.)
  • Superior resolution (EVC dissolves easily in various types of organic solvent, such as water, oil, alcohol, etc., and is used as the raw material for various types of cosmetics.)
  • Conventional vitamin

  • HX0 1B

Effects of ginseng and ginseng root

Bright skin tone

Lively skin

Health skin

Improving complexion


Elastic skin

Ginseng· ginseng root cosmetics manufacturing technology

Reanzen’s unique composition technology delivers the anti-aging component of world-renowned Korean ginseng to the skin.

  • Cosmetics made from wild ginseng cultivation roots are more effective than simple ginseng extract cosmetics to smooth the circulation of skin and improve skin tone.
  • Ginseng promotes proliferation of fiber and cell in the dermal layer, providing high wrinkle improvement and anti-aging effect.