Filler Overview

Characteristics of filler

  • Because filler is decomposed in the human body in about 6~12 months after the injection, re-operation is required in order to continue the effect.
  • Filler is made of harmless ingredients, causing significantly lower side effects when compared with other plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Advantages of filler

  • Because no incision is required in the injected area, there is little edema or pain.
  • Because the filler injection is conducted in a very short time, there is no burden of time.
  • The effect is immediate after the injection.
  • You can perform daily routine after the injection.
  • You can inject filler to the desired shape, and fine-adjust the shape.

Applicable Area

  • Bridge of nose

    You can raise the bridge of nose, and adjust shape and balance of nose.

  • Forehead

    You can inject filler to the forehead to increase volume and to make the face curved.

  • Nasolabial fold

    You can unfold the nasolabial fold, which is the biggest cause of presbyopia.

  • Breast, hip, etc.

    You can inject filler to any part of the body to increase the volume.

  • Around eyes and lips

    You can increase volume of lips and around eyes.

  • Before After
  • Before After
  Botox Filler(Restoration) Filler(Regeneration)
Ingredient Botulinum Toxin HA(Hyaluronic Acid) PDRN
Application Paralyzing muscle tissue Filling dents Regeneratng dermal layer
Effect Improvement of wrinkle Improvement of wrinkle Skin tissue regeneration, Improve resilience
Characteristics Tolerance is developed Human-derived component / easy to remove if required Internal ingredient of human body raises safety