Company Overview

Company Introduction

Reanzen Co., Ltd. researches biotechnology to contribute to economic development of Korea and to the human society by challenging the global market with its core technology.

    1. Biotechnology
    2. Biotechnology
    3. Research on materials having a strong effect of skin regeneration
    4. Exploration of root energy to reproduce youth
    5. Skin whitening, wrinkle improvement and regaining of skin elasticity to recover the strength of young skin
    1. Medical Device
    2. Medical Device
    3. HA filler, PDRN filler Research & Development
    4. Study on the improvement of skin tissue regeneration and elasticity by the body components
    5. Study on improvement of skin environment by activation of skin regeneration ability
    6. Development of skin restoration technology damaged by aging ultraviolet rays and skin irritation
    1. Cosmetics
    2. Cosmetics
    3. Mesotherapy, functional cosmetic research and development
    4. Developed complex functional cosmetics made by sharing common materials with medical devices
    5. Developed an optimal solution to prevent skin aging

Branding Value & Promise

Reanzen will do its best to develop the biotechnology-based products to improve value and to restore health and beauty of your life.

Life Recovery

  • Bio Recovery
    Bio Recovery
  • Medical Recovery
    Medical Recovery
  • Beauty Recovery
    Beauty Recovery